The Prez has been too busy to put together a write-up of the pre-season tournament (negotiating the the club’s compensation for Trigger’s clearance I assume). We do however have the photos from the day and they should get you pumped for tomorrow’s big game. Click here for all the photos. A big thanks to Ian our photographer and to Hammer for putting them on Flickr. Here are a few of my favourites.

15737981345_7c6e902970_zThe team’s new coach Tex Walker giving pre-game instructions.

15739478452_15a05cc22e_zWith the usual suspects missing, player’s player Tommy Roberts was instrumental in the mid-field.

NateNate-Dogg was as tough as nails in defence and gave as a lot of drive out of the back.

15118514503_3064134156_zIt was nice to hear the opposition comment on how far Ali has improved.

15118501143_44d98977f1_zSmurf blazing away from his opponent. Not bad for amputee! (Where is his leg?)

15552436268_94d56b788a_zFirst-gamer Roy got plenty of the ball in the back line.

15713895306_4073333975_zPutting the body on the line and your team mates backing you up. Great stuff!

Damo One of my four for the day. (If you write the story you can tell it however you want).


And after match drinks.

Looking forward to the first round of the season tomorrow and seeing a lot of new Falcons wear the jumper for the first time. Go Falcons!


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