It was Friday 7 February 2014 and the Abu Dhabi Falcons made the day trip to Dubai to play the Dubai Dingoes on the home of the International Ruby 7’s. The boys had been training hard for a few weeks now and putting in the extra time to improve and the Falcons were keen to demonstrate this on the field. With a solid two hours in the team bus, it was a struggle to get the boys switched on for game time and to run straight onto the ground with little preparation time.

Quarter 1:

But Coach Sticky’s got the boys switched on and not wanting to repeat a poor start in their last game the Falcons hit the first quarter firing. With a solid effort from the midfield, the centre beaks were converted into goals and an accurate forward line punished the Dingoes, to allow the Falcons to come in at first quarter with an amazing 6 goal lead.

Score 7 goals 2 behinds: 44 to 1 goal 2 behinds: 8.

Quarter 2:

The Falcons continued to fight and win contested footy in the second quarter. The Dingoes come out for revenge and the backlines were solid, making the dingoes work hard for their goals. It was a tough slog by both teams in a long second quarter with the falcons only adding one goal to their lead at half time. But the Falcons come in at half time confident, in front by 7 goals and still with plenty in the tank.

Score of 11 goals and 5 behinds: 71 to 4 goals 4 behinds: 28

Quarter 3:

The Falcons come into the premiership quarter committed to put this game away.     The backlines fought hard to win the footy and create opportunities. The fitness of the Falcons and the increased training was starting to look evident. The mighty Falcons moved up and down the ground with extra run from the backlines and some great one two plays being converted into goals. The accuracy of the Falcons goal kicking continued in the third quarter with some great goals kicked from the dominant midfield. The midfield converted some great plays from centre breaks and hard ball gets out of the midfield. The Falcons come in at three quarter time with a well earned 59 point lead.

Score of 17 goals and 7 behinds: 109 to 7 goals 8 behinds: 50

Quarter 4:

It was the final quarter and the Falcons could smell the second win of the season, but the Falcons may have come out a little too relaxed and confident in the last quarter with the Dingoes putting away the first few goals. However, it wasn’t long until the Falcons reset in the middle, gave nothing down back and worked hard to grind the last quarter out. The Falcons returned to their man on man footy and ensured they continued to beat their man giving nothing away at 50/50 contests.  The result was five straight goals to give the Mighty Falcons their second convincing win of the season finishing 10 goals in front:

Score of 22 Goals and 7 behinds: 139 to; 11 goals and 12 behinds: 78.

The club has come a long way this season with a number of new players to both the game of AFL and to the mighty Falcons. The Falcons continue to improve as a club and the growth of the individuals on the field is amazing to watch. Not only was this the second win for the season, with one more game to go, but also a great send off to Stuart Brohaska (Sticksy) a club legend (you can find out more about Sticksy’s career with the club in our Facebook post congratulating him and farewelling him from the club for now).

The Key to the Win:

– The work the midfield has done to be more organized in the centre bounce is great – the falcons had so many centre breaks.

– The improved confidence of Falcons having shots for goals. 22 goals! 7 behinds will help win any match. 9 different goal scorers.

– The roving and winning contested footy up forward.

– The long direct footy, the one two hand balls through the middle.

– The fitness has improved; the Falcons were the fitter club on the day and reaped the rewards.

– The back lines working on wining contests and playing tough footy. Man on man.

– The Falcons have learnt the importance of the first contest and winning the first quarter.

Player Highlights:

Benjamin Coleman – Solid in defense, man on man footy all day, great contested footy. Put his body on the line in the last to save a certain goal. Courageous!

Matt Henry – Tackled all day and loves the hard ball gets and gave plenty of run.

Peter Schreiber – Put his body on the line and fed off the packs. Got plenty of touches and kicked 2 goals – should have kicked 4!

Shannon Crockett – Found space and had an explosive run and a bounce down the wing.

Joseph Maxwell – First gamer! Welcome to the Club, had a few touches and picked the game up nicely – loves a tackle.

Tom Roberts – Solid in defense, offered plenty of run and was barley beaten all day. Played the switch role and was dangerous when went up forward.

Jonathan Steingiesser – The Fullback, body to body all day with their full forward and made him work for every touch.

Nathan Fullgrabe  – Found some space in the backlines and had a few runs forwards to create goals. Even kicked one goal himself!

Zac Moon –Special day kicking 8 goals from the midfield. Unstoppable. Left foot, right foot it didn’t matter.

Lionel Benoit – The big man was an option up forward all day.  All ways presented and rewarded with a goal.

Dan Newton – The Ruckman! Great in the middle, set up so many centre breaks by winning the centre bounce and contributed around the ground. Always presents as an option.  Players Player.

Tyron Farrell – The Prez! Put his body on the line all day. Great in the middle as a backup Ruckman and a solid option up forward. Found himself on the end of some great disposals and kicked an easy 4 goals for the day!

Adam Trzesinski – Led the boys in the middle all day and played a loose man in defense, getting plenty of the footy and creating many opportunities. Still a role model.

Ali Al Hosani – Found space and ran all day like we know he can – determined to get a goal and he found one in the last quarter to bring the house down!

Chris Mott – The big unit up forwards, he has a body that’s hard to beat and found three easy goals!

Stuart Brohaska: Farewell legend and thank you for your contribution to the Club over the years and your commitment.

Also special mention to Crazy for doing the goal umpiring, Slitts for doing the running and Chris Owen and the WAGS and Families for coming down to support the lads, we really appreciated the support and made it an even more enjoyable day.

 Nathan (Nate Dogg) Fullgrabe

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