The Falcons finished the 2013/14 season in a pretty respectable 3rd, but a lot of fun was had off the field too. In February we had the Falcons Golf Night. 16 players paired up to compete in a 2 ball scramble with some modified rules. Ty and Jan claimed the initial victory but were later disqualified when we heard they played a mulligan mid-hole. This lead to a put-off between the Nate and Crazy Dave, and Tommy and me (Damo). We let Nate win as he organised the show. We also had a family day earlier in the season. The lads, wives, girlfriends and kids all met up on Saadiyat for a swim and a bit of beach volleyball. It’s a good club. If you are considering getting involved give a Ty a call and let him talk you into it. Hope to see you on the track next year. Go Falcons!


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