A few of the Falcons have put together a basketball team for a bit of fun during the off-season. The Prez’s version of the first game follows:

It was a balmy June evening with the mercury rising in the Middle East but that was like a Melbourne’s winter’s day compared to the heat that was building inside the FGB Arena. This newly built stadium was about to play host and witness a spectacle like non before it, the whispers were true, the stage was set, the Falcons were about to make the FGB Arena their new nest for the coming weeks…

As the lights went out, the camera’s flashed and the spotlights swirled around the arena, with LL Cool J’s Mamma Said Knock You Out playing in the background over the PA came…

It’s time to welcome your Faaaalcoooons, the crowd roared;

At Forward, from Melbourne, Chris “Tank” Mott
At Power Forward, From Perth, Tyron “Prez” Farrell
The Man in the Middle, From Geraldton, Dan “Spider” Newton
At Guard, from Canada Hey, Shannon “Slitts” Little
Point Guard, from North Carolina, I mean Adelaide Nathan “Air” Fullgrabe
And rotating in from Melbourne Shannon “Shagger” Crockett

Oh and not to forget Tanks brother, well not technically but some random guy who just rocked up and thought he was playing for the team aka Karl Power (the guy who famously joined in Man U’s team photo before their Champions League tie in 2001) albeit the stage was set, talk is cheap its time to play ball..

We are up against a team that had played together for over 8 years, they had their own Dikembe Mutombo, and looked like they were up for the fight.  Tip off and Dan came out even in the and they collected the ball and quick pass down court and they scored!  WOW! We were in for a game, we didn’t get off to a good start few missed shots and drives which we really should have sank, few telegraph passes which they picked off with ease and before we knew it, it was 16 to nil.  Individually they were handy but not amazing but they spread the court well and moved the ball around quick, our zone defending wasn’t working and we were looking at a long night.  Nath broke the duck with a nice drive to the basket which saved our blushes and the Prez followed suit not long after, the Falcons were up and running – quarter time sounded which couldn’t have come quick enough.

We tried mixing up our defence but that seemed to get lost in translation and they continued to move the ball around well and score with ease.  Tank started to throw his big frame around which was upsetting a few of them and we started to also hit the score board more regularly with better ball movement, and increased confidence.  Shagger, Dan, Tank, Slitts all got their names on  the score sheet and we were matching them bucket for bucket, with the Dan, Tanks, Prez and Slitts dominating the boards.

Just before half time and Slitts almost started a riot by using his electrifying pace to get in front of one of them driving to the bucket, the guy had his head down and didn’t see Slitts (well no one did) whizz past him, stand his ground and it was like a car crash with the guy falling to the floor.  In disbelief Slitts got given a blocking foul and the other guy with his ridiculous reaction got a tech foul and we recovered the ball, this added extra spice to the contest leading into half time.

Half time and Nath led the call to play man on man for the second half and we started to get on top. They didn’t like the extra attention and physical contact they were receiving, it also limited their open shots which were killing us in the first half and we started reducing the gap.  The big men started to find holes in their defence and drove regularly to the bucket, we had found a chink in their armour.  Lads started draining their shots, the ball movement was quicker and we were taking it right to them.

Downtown Slitts drained a massive three, which brought the crowd to their feet, Shagger was causing a nuisance getting right in their faces not allowing them to get their shots away, Nath was directing traffic and making some nice drives to the bucket, Tank was bullying their star big man, Dan was monstering the boards and doing some great work under the bucket and the Prez was starting to rediscover his touch and dropping a few buckets from close range.

Although we ended up going down 48 – 28 we never really recovered from the start we certainly matched and beat them in certain aspects in the second half, so not bad for our first outing as a team and encouraging signs for this weeks game.

In the photo of the team look at Naths’ feet (not the fact that he isn’t wearing any shoes) – Ha ha ha!

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